Viasat, Inc.
Aug 8, 2007

ViaSat Reports First Quarter Results

Carlsbad, CA – August 8, 2007 – ViaSat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a producer of innovative satellite and other wireless communications and networking systems, today announced revenues of $128.6 million and new net contract awards of $136.0 million for the quarter ended June 29, 2007. ViaSat reported net income of $0.21 per share on a diluted non-GAAP basis or $0.13 per share on a diluted GAAP basis. "First quarter earnings were below plan due primarily to the shift of certain planned information assurance products from our fiscal first quarter into our fiscal second quarter. But ViaSat's outlook for the fiscal year remains intact and underlying business fundamentals are strong," said Mark Dankberg, chairman and CEO of ViaSat. "Results also reflected planned increased discretionary investments in R&D and proposal preparation to pursue a number of attractive near term opportunities. New orders in the second quarter are anticipated to be very good, consistent with plans for earnings to be skewed to the second half of the year. MIDS, MIDS JTRS, information assurance and consumer broadband continue to show significant momentum."

Financial Results

For the first quarter ended June 29, 20071, ViaSat reported the following financial results:

1 ViaSat uses a 52- or 53-week fiscal year which ends on the Friday closest to March 31. ViaSat's quarters for fiscal year 2008 end on June 29, 2007, September 28, 2007, December 28, 2007 and March 28, 2008.

2 All non-GAAP numbers have been adjusted to exclude the effects of acquisition charges (amortization of intangible assets) and employee stock-based related compensation expense. A reconciliation of specific adjustments to GAAP results for these periods is included in the "Reconciliation Between GAAP Net Income and Non-GAAP Net Income" table contained in this release. A description of our use of non-GAAP information is provided below under "Use of Non-GAAP Financial Information."

Government Segment

The Government segment had quarterly revenues of $70.6 million, a 9% increase over the first quarter of fiscal year 2007. The revenue growth was primarily related to higher government satellite communications and data link product sales. New contract awards for the first quarter of fiscal year 2008 were $72 million.

Commercial Segment

Revenues from our Commercial segment were $58.0 million for the first quarter, which was a 9.5% decrease from the first quarter of fiscal year 2007. The revenue decrease was primarily in our enterprise VSAT products partially offset by higher sales of consumer broadband products. New contract awards for the first quarter of fiscal year 2008 were $64 million.

Selected First Quarter 2008 Business Highlights