Corporate Governance

Viasat, Inc. strives to achieve excellence and integrity in all of its business practices, including corporate governance, oversight, accountability and transparency. Viasat has incorporated best practices in its governance, including those required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and The Nasdaq Stock Market®. The following are several examples of excellence in Corporate Governance implemented by Viasat, many dating back several years before the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act:

  • Viasat's Board of Directors has consisted of a majority of Independent Directors since 1987.
  • Membership on the Audit Committee, Compensation and Human Resources Committee and Nominating and Evaluation Committee is limited to the Independent Directors.
  • The Board of Directors has formed a Corporate Governance Committee to outline and monitor Viasat's corporate governance guidelines and procedures.
  • Each Committee of the Board has a written charter.
  • Each member of the Audit Committee is a “financial expert” under SEC rules.
  • The Audit Committee has adopted Pre-Approval Policies and Procedures with respect to services provided by Viasat's independent auditor.
  • The Company has instituted an ethics program monitored by an internal Ethics Advisory Committee.
  • The Company has disseminated to all of its employees a Guide to Business Conduct (ethics code) and Financial Complaint Procedures Policy.

Below are website links to a list of Viasat's corporate governance related documents. This includes Board committee charters, the Guide the Business Conduct (ethics code), and the Financial Complaint Procedures Policy to enable the anonymous reporting of any possible financial wrongdoing within Viasat.

Committee Charters
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Audit Committee Charter
Nomination, Evaluation and Corporate Governance Committee Charter
Compensation and Human Resources Committee Charter
Banking/Finance Committee Charter
Other Governance Documents
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Certificate of Incorporation
ViaSat Bylaws
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Audit Committee Approval Policy
Guide to Business Conduct
Audit Committee Relationship with Independent Auditor
Financial Complaint Procedures Policy
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